The Philosophy program offers a broad range of courses designed to provide a general acquaintance with the issues and history of philosophy.

Our courses explore both western and non-western philosophical, ethical, and religious traditions. The department is also committed to teaching the critical thinking skills necessary for student success and good citizenship. In all of our courses, the department seeks to encourage students to examine the arguments of others as well as question their own values and commitments. Students who complete courses in philosophy are well prepared to pursue advanced work in the discipline or to apply their philosophical skills in multiple career settings such as law, medicine, business, or government. Whether taken to satisfy general education requirements, to pursue a philosophy major, or for personal growth, philosophy courses provide a unique opportunity to enrich one's ability to analyze and evaluate a wide range of questions faced in everyday life.

Course Schedules

Course Outlines

PHIL 3 Critical Thinking
PHIL 4 Introduction to Symbolic Logic
PHIL 5 Critical Thinking/Writing
PHIL 6 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 7 Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL 9 Political Philosophy
PHIL 10 Philosophy of Peace
PHIL 11 Introduction to Asian Philosophy
PHIL 12 Environmental Philosophy
PHIL 20 History of Western Philosophy: Ancient and Medieval
PHIL 21 History of Western Philosophy: Modern
PHIL 49 Independent Study in Philosophy
PHIL 108 Philosophy of Buddhism

Please note: The class that used to be titled PHIL 8 World Religions, has been renamed RELS 2 World Religions (also known as Comparative Religions) and can be found under the Religion course offerings.

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